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Default Color Schemes
Contains the default schemes provided by TomTom:
africa.clr, amerika.clr, antartica.clr, astra.clr, belgica.clr, brittana.clr, germana.clr, greys.clr

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Yellow and Red Night

7 march 2004-v1.0
8 march 2004-v1.1

Bas van Ditzhuijzen


15 maart 2004
A Color Style that perfectly suits with the dashboard of your VolksWagen (Golf/Passat). 
I like it in my Opel too ;-)

Sjaak Theelen

Cool Grey

16 juni 2004

Justus Magistri


Volvo at Night

21 july 2004 
A colorstyle that fits in the new Volvo S40/V50.

Alex van Olmen 
Road and Grey

15 september 2004 
Based on the grey file, streets are made yellow to make more visable. 

Hendrikus Beck


Green Roads

5 october 2004 
Color Style from: 

Markus 'lammy' Lamers - 

Markus also did the German translation. Thanks!




This Style is based on the "topografische kaarten 1:25.000 by Topografische Dienst".

Patrick Tjon-En-Fa, Utrecht


UK Alternative

An alternative UK style, called UKALT.

Alan Parrott


Laguna II


ANTARCTICA.CLR file adjusted for Renault Laguna II.

Dark background with white roards on it. All the other objects are dark colored. Your "way to go" is red. IN this way, is suits the Laguna II. 

Rick Huizinga 


French Map


Peter Diesveld



Night 407

Night Color Scheme that fits the new Peugeot 407. A dark background with the route in red. 

Greetings, Rick Huizinga





A very nice Style which works great with Sunlight on you PPC. 

Bob van der Helm


Yellow road at night

.Imporved astra set.

Bob van der Helm


Piazzo Piazzo


Australia 2

Australia version 2



GB nieuw.

By: John Bowers





By: Steven J. Lamb, New Castle, Delaware USA




I made this scheme for the Renault Scenic in night mode.
The colors are the same used by Renault for the digital display.

Good luck,

Nice Tool!!




Name: uk_os
Description: Uses the same colours as Ordnance Survey 1:50,000
Landranger maps, though some colours slightly amended for better
contrast. Note, because TomTom doesn't distinguish very well between
"yellow" roads and "white" roads on an OS map, a pale yellow colour is
used as a compromise.

Ben Gamble